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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose McCann Health NJ?

McCann Health NJ specializes in delivering fearless, groundbreaking healthcare communications to professionals and patients via print and interactive media. Nothing thrills us more than finding the most creative solutions to the healthcare problems we all see every day. There is no limit to what we can accomplish together.

Where does McCann systems work?

You will find our work in Fortune and Global 100 company headquarters, lavish Las Vegas casinos, interactive museums, cutting-edge entertainment firms, and posh retail locations. A commercial AV company with a global presence, McCann Systems is headquartered in Edison, NJ, with regional offices across the country.

Why choose the all new McCann's at Spring Meadow?

The All New McCann’s at Spring Meadow Golf Course in Wall, NJ, is your home base for outings, work events, dinner with family and friends or just a few drinks! Our mission as the new owners, is to provide a top of the notch dining experience that satisfies our guests’ by being a “Cut-Above” in everything we do.

Why choose McCann-Healey funeral home?

Since 1937, the McCann-Healey Funeral Home has served the Gloucester City community and surrounding areas with unmatched personal and professional care. Our service to families in need has been defined by our commitment to excellence.

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