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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose McCann School of Business and Technology?

Technical and vocational training to launch you into your new future. You’re passionate about working hard. Now it’s time to work in the field you love. McCann School of Business and Technology is here to help you get the career readiness education you’re looking for.

Where is McCann University located?

McCann has 2 campus locations in Pennsylvania and 1 campus location in Louisiana. Browse our campuses and see what programs are offered at each to find your perfect fit for a McCann career-focused education. *Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. “I had a blast here and I learned a lot.

What can you do with an McCann degree?

McCann offers a variety of skills-based and vocational degrees and diplomas. The corporate world provides a vast amount of growth and potential for people who are excited about business. This program helps prepare you for an entry-level position or learn the skills needed to pursue your entrepreneurial dream.

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