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Frequently Asked Questions

What does McCann Worldgroup mean?

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What are the benefits of wrapping a car?

Benefits of a wrap include being a one-of-a-kind look unique for the car. There is no loss of value like that of a paint job. Protection of manufacturer paint by the vinyl wrap is 100 percent removable. Removing the wrap restores the original color of the vehicle. Lease agreements and warranties remain valid.

What is a car wrap advertising agency?

Those same companies — like 7-Eleven, EA Sports, Norwegian Air, Buffalo Wild Wings and many others — pay car wrap advertising agencies to wrap the vehicles of everyday drivers when they want to advertise in specific locations around the country. That’s where you come in.

What is a partial wrap on a car?

A partial wrap covers only 25%-75% of a vehicle and uses strategically-placed spot graphics and decals. Go for Window Graphics or Vinyl Cut Lettering, and still get as much impact as a full vehicle wrap but at a much lower cost. Car wraps create a distinctive and cool look on any vehicle.

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