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Frequently Asked Questions

How should the principal coding of a surgical case be guided?

Thus, the principal coding of a surgical case should be guided by the purpose of the surgery, not by other procedures that may also be performed. Normally, one lists the order of multiple Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes with the highest paying code first.

What is the difference between procedure 666682 and 66985?

66682 Suture of iris, ciliary body (separate procedure) with retrieval of suture through small incision (eg, McCannel suture) 66985 Insertion of intraocular lens prosthesis (secondary implant) not associated with concurrent cataract removal

What is the NCCI code for retinal detachment repair?

However, for Medicare, the claim will not be paid because, under the NCCI, 66852 is bundled with all vitrectomy and retinal detachment repair codes. 67041 Vitrectomy, mechanical, pars plana approach; with removal of preretinal cellular membrane (eg, macular pucker)

What is the CPT code for ERM Peel for macular pucker?

A: When an ERM peel is performed to correct macular pucker, the proper coding is 67041; if the ILM is also peeled, 67042 is not additive to the procedure—in fact, the two codes are bundled. Thus, it is the purpose of the surgery, combined with which procedure was medically necessary in fulfilling that purpose, that determines the code selection.

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