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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the MD-87 come into service?

On January 3 1985, a shorter-fuselage MD-87 was first announced by McDonnell Douglas. It is named as MD-87 due to its planned entry into service in 1987. On December 4 1986, the aircraft took its maiden flight. On October 21 1987, it was granted the Federal Aviation Administration type certificate.

What is the maximum weight of MD-87?

The MD-87 is equipped with two Pratt and Whitney JT8D-217C turbofan engines. It offers 20,000 pounds and can carry a maximum payload of 16,837 kg. It has a fuel tank capacity of 6980 US Gal. The aircraft has a maximum take off weight of 67,812 kg.

What is the length of an MD-87?

Dimensions: With an overall length of 130 ft 5 in (39.75 m), the MD-87 is 17 ft 4 in (5.28 m) shorter than the other MD-80s but is otherwise generally similar to them, employing the same engines, systems and flight deck. The MD-87 features modifications to its tail, with a fin extension above the tailplane.

What happened to the MD87 in Houston?

"As you are now aware, yesterday morning an MD87 aircraft failed to get airborne during takeoff. As a result, the plane ran out of runway at Houston Executive Airport and came to a stop in an adjacent field. There were 21 people on board, which included passengers and crew.

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