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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MDC Blackboard Learn?

MDC Blackboard Learn is an easy and affordable way of virtual learning. As per your interest, you can choose any virtual course of this college. Also Read – UML Blackboard Learn & Login Guide

What is the blackboard orientation?

Frequently Asked Questions for students and their experience with Blackboard. A free, non-credit online orientation for students who are new to online learning, or those who may need a bit of a refresher.

How to login to Blackboard?

Users should enter the official portal to access their accounts. Enter your username and password on the official login page of the college. Press the login option after entering all information. You can now access all the account information from the portal. Students can also access information on any virtual course.

Can I complete bbl3001 blackboard essentials as an instructor?

Note: If you already have experience using Blackboard as an instructor (know how to navigate Blackboard, build content, use the grade center, create assessments, etc.), then you may complete BBL3001 Blackboard Essentials to meet the pre-requisite for B lended, MDC LIVE, and MDC Online. This session is by invitation only.

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