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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a melancholic and how to define?

Melancholic is an inert (passive) type of temperament, which is characterized by high sensitivity, emotionality, anxiety, good creative abilities, but a weak nervous system. Such people are introverts, they dislike noisy parties or large crowds, instead preferring quiet evenings devoted to reading, drawing and other calm hobbies.

Is melancholy good or bad?

It’s not necessarily bad or counter-productive, but sometimes it’s okay not to be happy. Sometimes feeling melancholy is okay. The word ‘melancholy’ puts its finger on a particular species of...

What does melancholic personality mean?

What does melancholic mean? Melancholic features can be described in three words – isolation, vulnerability and thoughtfulness. People with this personality type live with increased anxiety and have a complex inner world. They are very sensitive and vulnerable. Often melancholic personality type has great taste, imagination, creativity and ...

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