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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the spiritual meaning of colors?

The spiritual meaning of colors stems from rainbows, chakras and aura colors that are comprised of seven basic colors in the visible spectrum. All have spiritual meaning and symbolism. The color green, for example, supports balance, love and harmony and is beneficial for communication and social acceptance.

What are the biblical meanings of colors?

Secondary colors and biblical meanings. Therefore, the biblical meaning of color Green is immortality. (The leaf shall not wither – (psa 1:3). Green is also symbolic of resurrection which we see each Spring. Purple is obtained by mixing red (flesh) and blue (word of God). The resultant color meaning in the Bible is Royalty or priesthood.

What do the different colors symbolize?

Color symbolism. The same color may have very different associations within the same culture at any time. For example, red is often used for stopping signs or danger. At the same time, red is also frequently used in association with romance, e.g. with Valentine's Day. White variously signifies purity, innocence, wisdom or death.

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