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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of rose colors?

The significance of rose colors means different color roses symbolize many meanings. Ever since the Victorian times, the color of a rose represents sentiments and feelings that people wanted to convey to another person.

What do different colored roses mean?

Different Color Roses. The giving of a red rose means romantic love; a pink rose signifies affection. and friendship; a white rose symbolizes purity and virtuousness and a yellow rose. indicates either jealousy or congratulation of a great accomplishment.

What's the meaning of 11 Roses?

Roses stand for beautiful and pure love and 11 roses symbolize undivided love. Therefore, the implied meaning of 11 red roses is different with that of 11 pink roses, 11 white roses and 11 yellow roses. If the roses are sent to your lover, 11 pink roses, red roses or white roses are the best choices.

What does the different color rose mean?

The meaning of pink roses and many shades of pink of different color roses symbolize an expression of romance, beauty, elegance, joy and admiration. Dark pink roses, or hot pink roses, also conveys the meaning of thankfulness.

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