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Frequently Asked Questions

What is means end analysis (MEA)?

Means End Analysis (MEA) is a problem-solving technique that has been used since the fifties of the last century to stimulate creativity. Means End Analysis is also a way of looking at the organisational planning, and helps in achieving the end-goals. With Means End Analysis, it is possible to control the entire process of problem solving.

What is means-ends analysis?

MEANS-ENDS ANALYSIS. is a method used in artificial intelligence which involves setting up smaller sub-goals which complement the end aim or goal and then constantly re-evaluate the performance of those sub-goals. By completing them, the final goal decreases in size or severity due to the incremental move towards it. MEANS-ENDS ANALYSIS: "The...

How do you solve a problem in means-ends analysis?

In means-ends analysis, one solves a problem by considering the obstacles that stand between the initial problem state and the goal state. The elimination of these obstacles (and, recursively, the obstacles in the way of eliminating these obstacles) are then defined as (simpler) subgoals to be achieved.

What is means-ends analysis in AI?

The means-End analysis provides a logical action plan to overcome any problems in General Management, Personal life. In AI, MEA offers a methodology to optimize the search operations to save time and effort. This is a guide to the Means-Ends Analysis. Here we discuss how it is used, working, and algorithm of Means-Ends Analysis.

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