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Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for more means testing in Medicare?

Medicare is the primary payer for most Medicare covered testing for beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare, including Medicare-Medicaid dually eligible individuals. For dually eligible individuals, Medicaid may cover additional testing (beyond what is covered by Medicare) based on Medicaid policy.

Should Medicare be means-tested?

"Medicare is not a welfare program. Seniors pay into Medicare their entire working lives based on the promise that they'll have secure health coverage when they retire. Applying a means test for their earned benefits would erode the popular support that has sustained these programs for years and made them so effective in helping older households.

Is Medicare means tested?

Medicare is means tested. You might want it to be more so (the current means test only hits the top 5% of beneficiaries by income), but as my colleague Paul Van de Water points out, it already is…means-tested, that is.

What are the basics of Medicare?

The Basics of Medicare: How to Choose the Right Plan for You. Part A covers hospital care, skilled nursing, hospice and some home health care. If you or your spouse has at least 10 years of Social Security work history, this part is free. If you don't have that work history, it can cost up to $413 per month.

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