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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medicare blue Choice Select (HMO)?

Medicare Blue Choice Select (HMO) provides comprehensive coverage for the health care services you need, including: $15 copay per visit for in-network primary care providers $50 copay per visit for in-network specialists $0 copay for many Medicare-covered preventive services, such as physical exams, smoking cessation and some immunizations

What is the Medicare prescription drug coverage policy page?

This page provides important information on prescription drug coverage policies under Medicare, the framework for CMS' review of Medicare prescription drug plan formularies, and instructions concerning formulary file uploads. Click the selection that best matches your informational needs.

What is a formulary and how does it work?

A formulary is a list of covered medications. This list of drugs is carefully selected by the plan with the help of a team of doctors and pharmacists, and is reviewed and approved by Medicare. We may periodically add or remove covered drugs, change coverage limitations on certain drugs, or change how much you pay for a drug.

How do I get a Medicare Formulary Book?

If you are not a current member, call to speak with one of our dedicated Medicare Sales Advisors to request to receive a printed Formulary book by mail. Call: 1-800-671-6081 (TTY: 711 ). Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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