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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I scan a patient into ECW?

To scan a new patient into eCW, select “New” under the Patient tab ,and under menu option then proceed to page 6 (using MedicScan). 4 To scan and update information for a patient that already exists in eCW, select “Lookup” under the Patient Menu or under the Patient Lookup icon then proceed to scan

What is patient Docs in ECW?

3—Patient Docs Patient Docs contains any documents pertaining to the patient that have been scanned into eCW (Hospitalization records, Discharge papers, Cardiology test results…etc.). heck Patient Docs if you cannot find a test result in Labs or DI.

What is medicmedicscan®?

MedicScan® is a friendly insurance card scanner system for medical insurance cards made by Acuant (formerly Card Scanning Solutions) - A leading producer of card scanning solutions, which combines state of the art technology with ease of use that is second to none.

How do I select a scanner to us with use with eClinicalWorks?

To select a scanner to us with use with eClinicalWorks: 1. Select the appropriate scanner from the list. a. To use a MedicScan scanner, select the MedicScan Scanneroption from the list of MedicScan scanners: b.

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