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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a medicscan scanner?

1. Select the appropriate scanner from the list. a. To use a MedicScan scanner, select the MedicScan Scanneroption from the list of MedicScan scanners: b. To use TWAIN scanner, select a TWAIN SCANNER, from the list of available scanners-the scanner must be connected to be available in the list.

How do I activate a medicscan device?

Activating Devices or Obtaining the MedicScan SDK  Activate the device from the Product Activation page, available from the admin band.  For more information, refer to the eClinicalWorks On-Demand Product Activation Guide Setting up the Scanner Set up the correct scanner from the Miscellaneous Configuration Options window.

How to scan driver's license with medicscan?

Using MedicScan to scan Driver’s License. Click the “Option” button. Insert the license or ID and click “MedicScan”. Make sure to place the card face down to the right and in landscape orientation

What services does mediscan offer?

We also provide Audiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Physiotherapy, MRI, and Endoscopy services across 180 clinics. Mediscan is contracted to reduce waiting times for the NHS and enhance the quality of care for patients, accelerating diagnosis.

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