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Frequently Asked Questions

How did medsicon International Conference get its name?

Under the leadership of Dr. Krishna Agarwal and Dr. Avantika Singh, it was bestowed with the name MEDSICON – Medical Students’ International Conference – in the year 2011. Initially a national conference, MEDSICON soon evolved into a global event, being attended by national as well as international delegates.

What was the experience of medsicon in 2013?

I was a part of the MEDSICON 2013 as an ambassador and my experience during the three days of academic and cultural extravaganza was phenomenally positive. A very well organized conference which saw huge participation from almost all parts of the world.

Why is medsicon so important to medical students?

MEDSICON is a brand in itself. It is a one-stop place to not only meet the pioneers in the fields of medicine and surgery, but also to brush shoulders with top scholars of the world. It lets you interact with your peers across the globe.

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