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Frequently Asked Questions

Why medscope ILS services?

MedScope has done a great job providing services to our members. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication MedScope has given to ILS. My consumers are all satisfied with services from MedScope. I find the referral process to go easily and MedScope always responds quickly to my referrals. You guys and gals are excellent.

What is the customer service like at medscope?

The customer service we receive from MedScope is first rate. Our most recent consumer, was completely satisfied with the installation of his system and we look forward to more opportunities to do business with you in the future.

Why choose medmedscope?

Medscope is a supplier of quality medical equipment to medical and healthcare practitioners such as hospitals, GP surgeries, clinics, nursing homes, care homes as well as prisons, schools, emergency services and local authorities.

Why choose medscope Pers?

Consumers express great satisfaction with their PERS and the service provided from MedScope. I’m happy with the service MedScope provides to my members. It is comforting to receive an email when your company receives my notifications, when the unit is installed or if there is difficulty in reaching my members.

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