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Frequently Asked Questions

When to add or remove medicines from mediscor formulary?

Mediscor may at any time remove, add or replace medicines listed in the formulary when new information becomes available, e.g. new findings regarding the safety or therapeutic efficacy of the medicine in question.

How do I get authorisation for mediscor chroniline?

To obtain authorisation from ChroniLine™ your doctor or pharmacist should phone ChroniLine™ on your behalf. Alternatively you may e-mail or fax your prescription to ChroniLine™. Mediscor ChroniLine™ may require additional information from your doctor or pharmacist.

What kind of company is mediscor in South Africa?

Mediscor is a South African pharmaceutical benefits management (PBM) organisation. We specialise in electronic claims processing and the management of medicine benefits, covering more than 2 million lives and processing in excess of 150 000 transactions per day.

What are the rights of mediscor PBM Pty Ltd?

Mediscor PBM Pty Ltd ("Mediscor") reserves the right to amend the formularies to comply with the latest pharmacological norms for the treatment of the listed conditions.

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