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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of mediscor PBM solutions?

The goals of Mediscor PBM are to: Manage the medicine benefits of our contracted medical schemes cost-effectively; Provide a leading, flexible and reliable medicine management solution; Supply appropriate guarantees and measurements of performance; Timeously provide reliable scheme and industry benchmark information.

What kind of company is mediscor in South Africa?

Mediscor is a South African pharmaceutical benefits management (PBM) organisation. We specialise in electronic claims processing and the management of medicine benefits, covering more than 2 million lives and processing in excess of 150 000 transactions per day.

Where does mediscor get its claims claims from?

Within the South African industry, Mediscor receives claims from all switches, e.g. Healthbridge, Mediswitch and all doctor bureaus. Rules in terms of registered scope of practice regulated for each provider group are applied. 9. Paper Claims

When to add or remove medicines from mediscor formulary?

Mediscor may at any time remove, add or replace medicines listed in the formulary when new information becomes available, e.g. new findings regarding the safety or therapeutic efficacy of the medicine in question.

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