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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to know about mediscore?

Here at Mediscore, we believe that patients are people first and foremost--not charts, not risks, not numbers on a roster. Therefore, by integrating cutting-edge healthcare analytics with state of the art patient care we are able to improve patient outcomes in a way never done before.

What kind of company is mediscor in South Africa?

Mediscor is a South African pharmaceutical benefits management (PBM) organisation. We specialise in electronic claims processing and the management of medicine benefits, covering more than 2 million lives and processing in excess of 150 000 transactions per day.

What are the rights of mediscor PBM Pty Ltd?

Mediscor PBM Pty Ltd ("Mediscor") reserves the right to amend the formularies to comply with the latest pharmacological norms for the treatment of the listed conditions.

What does mediscor chroniline do for Chronic Medicine?

We provided privacy and security awareness and training to our employees to enhance our data privacy culture. Mediscor ChroniLine® is our comprehensive chronic medicine authorisation service. Authorisations are performed by qualified pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. Mediscor provides a comprehensive Pharmacy Network Management service.

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