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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Melanzana mean?

La melanzana è originaria dell’Asia tropicale. The eggplant originated in the tropics of Asia. ●(frutto) eggplant melanzane alla parmigianaeggplant parmesan (Translation of melanzanafrom the GLOBAL Italian–English Dictionary© 2018 K Dictionaries Ltd) Translation ofmelanzana| PASSWORD Italian–English Dictionary melanzana noun

Where does melanzane come from?

In locations including Burma, India, Northern Thailand, and Southern China, melanzane plants are native species that have been cooked and consumed for centuries. The wild melanzane plants were domesticated and cultivated beginning in ancient times. A 300 BCE Sanskrit document makes note of the plant and discusses the fruit in positive terms.

What is melanzane (eggplant)?

Melanzane, or eggplant, is a staple of Southern Italian cooking. Eggplant has a fascinating history of culinary and medicinal use. Read on to learn more. Melanzane, or eggplant, is a staple of Southern Italian cooking. Diners are frequently introduced to the subtle flavors of melanzane in the classic Italian casserole known as eggplant Parmesan.

What is milanesa a la napolitana?

It is known as milanesa a la napolitana. If the dish is topped with a fried egg, it is known as Milanesa a caballo, but omits the tomato sauce. In England, the parmo uses either pork or chicken topped with béchamel sauce instead of tomato sauce.

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