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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make melee DPS viable in TBC raids?

There’s a few ways I can see melee dps retaining usefulness in TBC raids, as grisly as they might wind up being for them as they are specced now and en masse. One of which is stacking resilience so that they don’t get buttblasted by a random crit. Another is being specced in something that greatly extends their survivability like Subtlety.

What is the highest DPS rating in TBC?

TBC DPS Rankings. Hunter. 1730.48 100%. Warlock. 1721.31 99.47%. Mage. 1531.13 88.48%. Shaman. 1319.78 76.27%.

What are the different classes in TBC classic?

C-Tier Classes and Specializations. 1 Affliction Warlock. Affliction Warlocks are another class that has benefited significantly from the transition into TBC Classic from Vanilla. The ... 2 Retribution Paladin. 3 Survival Hunter. 4 Arms Warrior. 5 Balance Druid. More items

What is the highest DPS class in DPS?

DPS Rankings Summary. 1 Beast Mastery Hunter (S-Tier) 2 Destruction Warlock (S-Tier) 3 Elemental Shaman (A-Tier) 4 Arcane Mage (A-Tier) 5 Shadow Priest (A-Tier) 6 Enhancement Shaman (A-Tier) 7 Fire Mage (B-Tier) 8 Demonology Warlock (B-Tier) 9 Combat Rogue (B-Tier) 10 Fury Warrior (B-Tier)

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