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Frequently Asked Questions

What clothing do men wear in India?

Indian Men's Wear Kurta-Pyjama/Churidar. Along the same lines as the Salwar-Kameez in women's wear is the men's Kurta Pyjama. ... Dhoti. The 'pancha' in Telugu, called dhoti in Hindi, 'Laacha' in Punjabi, 'mundu' in Malayalam, 'dhuti' in Bangla, 'veshti' in Tamil, 'dhotar' in Marathi and 'panche' in Kannada, is the ... Sherwani. ... Lungi. ...

What is a mens oxford shirt?

An oxford shirt has an oxford weave. So an oxford cotton shirt is made of cotton in an oxford weave. Oxford isn’t a type of material or fabric, it’s a way of weaving the fabric.

What is mens sport shirt?

sport shirt. or sports shirt. a long- or short-sleeved soft shirt for informal wear by men, having a squared-off shirttail that may be left outside the trousers, usually worn without a tie.

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