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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Meo?

Meo (pronounced as May-o & Mev) (also called Mewati) is a Muslim Rajput community from northern India, particularly in and around Mewat that includes Nuh district of Haryana and parts of adjacent Alwar and Bharatpur districts in Rajasthan. Meos speak Mewati .

Who is MEO Australia Ltd?

MEO is an oil and gas company listed on the ASX (ASX: MEO) and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. MEO Australia Ltd (ASX:MEO) (OTCQX:MEOAY) is an ASX listed, independent oil and gas company focused on building a substantial Australian and international E&P business servicing the rapidly growing Asian energy markets.

What services does Meo offer?

MEO offers television content transmission through four platforms: the ADSL network (IPTV), fiber optic (IPTV), satellite (DTH) and the 3G/4G network inherited from mobile communications carrier TMN, added to MEO in January 2014. MEO ADSL television service includes a basic slate of 120 TV channels.

When was Meo founded?

The service was piloted in Lisbon in 2006 and was later extended to Porto and Castelo Branco . MEO in its current form was founded in 2007 after the separation of PT Comunicações and PT Multimédia (later ZON Multimédia ).

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