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Frequently Asked Questions

Why mindscope recruitment software?

Mindscope gives recruiters robust front and back-office functionality that empowers them to make more placements, faster. Prefer a live demo? Click Here! Power and usability should not be mutually exclusive. Experience the difference with an end-to-end staffing and recruitment software that makes hiring easy.

What makes mindscope different?

Mindscope also offers multiple currencies, built-in postal code recognition, empowers users to stay GDPR complaint and much more! Mindscope’s innovative Outlook Plugin allows you to automatically sync inbound and/or outbound emails with your ATS and recruiting CRM.

How does two-way texting work with mindscope?

Mindscope’s two-way texting feature enables you to send and receive text messages right from your database (and/or personal mobile device), using a uniquely assigned phone number. Send up to 500 text messages at one time and have all communications automatically tracked in the appropriate record! Get started today!

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