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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "mmHg" stand for?

mmHg stands for millimeters of mercury, and it’s a measurement of pressure. You’ve likely heard of it when it comes to blood pressure, but mmHg is also used to measure the pressure inside a fluid, like the fluid inside your blood vessels. The higher the pressure inside the fluid, the more likely your blood will flow quickly.

How to calculate mmHg?

1 mmHg = 1 Pa × 1,01,325 / 760 . Now to covert pressure Pa using proportion the Formula is: Suppose 1 mmHg resembles to 1 Pa × 1,01,325 / 760 pressure (mm Hg) resembles to pressure (Pa). The solution of this problem produces the formula: Pressure (mm Hg) = Pressure (Pa) × 760 / 1,01,325 = pressure (Pa) × 0.0075

What is mmHg used for?

mmHg stands for millimeters of Mercury. This measurement is used to measure pressure. Since gradient compression hosiery exert a gradually decreasing amount of pressure up the leg, this unit of measure helps express the amount of pressure the wearer will feel. Compression Questions.

Is mmHg and Torr the same thing?

The torr is closely related to millimetres of mercury (mmHg) and the two values are almost exactly the same. However the torr is an exact quantity, whereas the mmHg is not due to variations in local gravity and temperature, and therefore the two pressure units should not be treated as the same.

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