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Frequently Asked Questions

What is modulo 26 in encryption and decryption?

Each character from the message and its corresponding character in key is added converted to modulo 26. Then the resulting number is mapped back to a character. For decryption, reverse of the same technique is used. Why modulo 26 as it restricts the character set from A to Z.

What is the effective key of 26 mod 26?

Mathematically, given a key N, the effective key is N mod 26 (i.e., the remainder after dividing by 26). This also correctly shows that any key that's a multiple of 26 has no effect ( i.e., the result is identical to the input).

What is 834 mod 26 in Python?

26 is the length of your dictionary, which happens to be the length of the English alphabet (A to Z). Using the modulo operator allows you to map every possible output of the matrix multiplication (encryption) to a letter in the alphabet (834 = 2 (mod 26) which is C), which lets you store the encrypted message in the form of a string of letters.

What is the formula for mod 26 Caesar cipher?

Modified Caesar Cipher where c = (p+3x) mod 26, where c and p are the ciphertext and the plaintext, respectively, and x is the key. How many distinct keys, producing distinct encryption/decryption transformations, are there now? A must-have set of tools for multiplatform development.

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