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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose mh2g/modern home 2 go?

Create the perfect setting for receiving friends and family to Wine & Dine in style. MH2G / Modern Home 2 Go offers exclusive modern designs and proven quality that can be tailored to your needs by our on-site Interior Designers and Delivered to your home in 72 Hours. Shop online or shop in our Three fabulous showrooms.

Where is the go mod init file located?

The go mod init command wrote a go.mod file: The go.mod file only appears in the root of the module. Packages in subdirectories have import paths consisting of the module path plus the path to the subdirectory. For example, if we created a subdirectory world , we would not need to (nor want to) run go mod init there.

Why buy modern home 2 go furniture?

While it can be very confusing to decide which ones to buy from, Modern Home 2 Go (MH2G) is proud to be the premier destination for your modern furniture needs.

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