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Frequently Asked Questions

Are updated draw odds available for Montana?

We are very excited to announce that updated draw odds are now available for Montana! Montana is undoubtedly one of our most researched states and this is a big one for us each year. Along with odds now being live, we also wanted to hit on some big changes that will be coming forward this year.

What are the draw result dates based on?

Currently, the draw result dates are based somewhat on when 2021 and earlier year results were released. Keep in mind that each year we get questions on why our draw result dates don't exactly match up with what you might find in the regulations.

How do I get a bow and arrow license in Montana?

To purchase a Montana bow-and-arrow license, hunters must either complete the bowhunter education course from Montana or any other state, or show any prior year's bowhunting license from any state or province. A student must be at least 11 years old to register for a bowhunter education classroom course.

How do I get access to Wolves in Montana?

A regional Hunting Access Guide is published annually by August 15th, which lists the Block Management areas enrolled for that year and explains how to gain access to them. Call 406-444-2612 for more information. The Montana wolf harvest for the 2021-2022 season was 272. On average, around 300 wolves are being harvested per hunting season.

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