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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 best free downloads from motion array?

In this video, we cover our 5 favorite free downloads from Motion Array! These aren’t cheap downloads, these are powerful and highly useful elements that you can use for any project you’re working with. 1. Free Light Leaks 2. Free 15 Boom Hits 3. Free Photo Rotate Logo Intro 4. Free 30 Line Transitions 5. Cinematic 80’s Style

What is motionmotion array?

Motion Array is an all-in-one professional filmmakers platform, with unlimited asset downloads, exclusive Premiere Pro plugins, real-time video collaboration and approvals, and a video website builder all included in Motion Array memberships.

Does motion array have a free trial period?

Yes, a free trial is often offered by Motion Array. Provided that you have difficulty in making a choice when buy products, a free trial is a good choice. You can try the product you like for 7-30 days in general. After the trial period, you can decide whether to buy it or not.

Will I be charged for the advanced features of motion array?

No matter which Motion Array pricing plan you currently have, you will now be able to access the above-mentioned premium products and services free of charge for all your commercial or personal projects, through July 1, 2020 . After July 1, 2020, will I be charged for these advanced features?

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