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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the second law of motion for kids?

Newton's 2nd Law of Motion. A brief video for children explaining Newton's second law in an interesting & fun way. The 2nd law states that' Force is directly proportional to mass and acceleration. Imagine a ball of a certain mass moving at a certain acceleration. This ball has a certain force.

How do you define motion?

Motion is the activity or process of continually changing position or moving from one place to another. ...the laws governing light, sound, and motion. One group of muscles sets the next group in motion.

What is motion defined?

The state of motion of an object is defined by its velocity - the speed with a direction. Thus, inertia could be redefined as follows: Inertia: tendency of an object to resist changes in its velocity. An object at rest has zero velocity - and (in the absence of an unbalanced force) will remain with a zero velocity.

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