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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by lean in business?

It is a technique to reduce waste which occurs due to fluctuating customer demand. Lean techniques are used to create processes that have no non-value add parts. Any part of a process that does not add value the consumer are eliminated using Lean techniques.

What is leanlean and how does it work?

Lean is much more than just a set of problem-solving tools. It was based on a foundation of principles designed to not only quantify and eliminate waste, but also help companies change the way they do business for the better. The following are five foundational principles of Lean and how they work together.

What is LEAN methodology?

What is lean methodology? Lean methodology is a business approach that promotes the flow of value to customers by embracing a mindset of continuous improvement and respect for people. Here is how these two core concepts guide the lean methodology framework:

What is motionmotion and why is it important?

Motion: Unnecessary movement of people or processes (equipment and manufacturing machinery, for example). Repetitive movements that do not add value translates to wasted time and resources.

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