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Frequently Asked Questions

How does motion relate to physic?

Motion is one part of what physicists call mechanics . Over the years, scientists have discovered several rules or laws that explain motion and the causes of changes in motion. There are also special laws when you reach the speed of light or when physicists look at very small things like atoms. The physics of motion is all about forces.

What are the different types of motion in physics?

The three main types of motions in physics are rotational, translational and vibrational. The vibrational type is also called oscillatory motion.

What is an example of motion in physics?

Linear motion. “Straight line motion of a body is known as its linear motion.”. We come across many objects which are moving in a straight line.The motion of objects such as car moving on a straight and level road is linear motion. Aeroplanes flying straight in air and objects failing vertically down are also the examples of linear motion.

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