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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for filing motions in limine?

The authority for filing motions in limine is found in Rules 104 (a) and 103 (c) of the Federal Rules, which authorize courts to control pretrial proceedings and resolve preliminary questions or evidence. [4] Motions in limine are intended to secure advance rulings by trial judges on questions of evidence admissibility.

What is the purpose of a motion in limine?

In granting the motion, the Chan court explained, “The purpose of a motion in limine is to allow the trial court to rule in advance of a trial on the admissibility and relevance of certain forecasted evidence.” [9] Given the implicit acceptance of the practice of filing offensive motions in limine, the Chan decision is not surprising.

When to file motions in limine for a pretrial hearing?

Unless a different schedule is ordered by the court, the parties must file all motions in limine for which pretrial rulings are desired no later than 30 days before either a Trial Management Conference or, if no Trial Management Conference is set, the date of the trial. (c) No Replies Permitted.

What is a section a of the limine rule?

Subsection (a) of the rule imposes a requirement that parties meet and confer about evidentiary issues likely to arise at trial. One of the purposes of this requirement is to eliminate motions in limine that are directed to evidence the opponent does not intend to offer or are otherwise unnecessary.

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