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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a motion in limine in court?

A motion in limine requests a preliminary decision on an evidence objection or an offer of proof. These motions can help you win your case before the trial begins. If you can exclude prejudicial facts, you increase the likelihood of success at the trial.

Are motions in limine legitimate in Virginia?

In Harward v. Commonwealth, 5 Va. App. 468, 364 S.E.2d 511 (1988) the Virginia Supreme Court stated: Motions in limine have gained wide usage and acceptance. They serve worthwhile functions of narrowing issues, preventing trial delay, avoiding expense, and promoting judicial efficiency. Their legitimate use should be encouraged.

Can a motion to exclude harmful evidence be filed in limine?

You can, however, succeed on a motion in limine under Federal Rules of Evidence 402 and 403. You can, however, succeed on your motions in limine under Federal Rules of Evidence 402 and 403. The starting point to exclude harmful evidence from the trial is relevancy.

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