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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the applications of bearing?

The common applications of bearings are: Shafting in workshops, Spindles of a machine tool such as a lathe, drilling, milling machine, etc. The crankshaft of engines, and axles of automobiles, etc.

What are rotary bearings?

Rotary bearings: Summary of types and variations Rotary Bearings. Rotary bearings are categorized by whether they use balls or rollers, and then by the type of load they're designed to support: radial or axial (thrust). Ball Bearings-Radial. ... Ball Bearings-Thrust. ... Roller Bearings-Radial. ... Roller Bearings-Thrust. ...

What is a linear rotary bearing?

The Linear Rotary Bearing is the first to offer unlimited linear and rotary anti-friction motion and at greater load life ratings than competing linear bearings. It is also interchangeable with existing linears.

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