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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is motionmotion industries?

Motion Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company, a publicly traded $ 18.7B distribution company of automotive parts, industrial supplies and office supplies.

How many distribution centers does motionmotion have?

Motion Industries has over 530 locations, including 13 distribution centers throughout North America and serves more than 300,000 customers from the food and beverage, pulp and paper, iron and steel, chemical, mining and aggregate, petrochemical, automotive, wood and lumber, and pharmaceutical industries. more...

How many locations does motion have?

With 2018 sales of over $ 6B, Motion provides industrial MRO replacement parts and services through our network of over 550 locations, including 15 Distribution Centers throughout North America.

Why choose Motion Industries as your MRO Supply Chain Leader?

Innovative solutions and efficient processes contribute to Motion Industries’ position as a supply chain leader, to assist our customers in successfully managing their MRO parts transactions from quote through payment—the complete purchasing cycle.

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