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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the skynetic plane made by motion RC?

Developed by and available exclusively at Motion RC, Skynetic advances our vision of a global audience discovering the fun of RC Flight. Backed by Motion RC's customer support and a full line of spare parts to keep you flying, stay tuned for new products as we expand our exciting new brand!

Who is motion RC and what do they do?

Motion RC is a global supplier of RC planes, boats, cars, helicopters, tanks, and trucks that was founded with one simple goal in mind: to combine the customer support typically found in a local hobby store with the expansive product selection of a global online business.

Is there a free shipping policy for motion RC?

Motion RC's Free Shipping program has no fine print, no exceptions, and it is automatically offered at checkout. Other on-line stores claim free shipping, but look closely at their shipping policy and many times you will find dozens of exceptions that prevent you from receiving the discounted shipping.

Can You ship motion RC batteries without a plane?

99% Of all Motion RC products are duty-free, so import duties will typically be $0. Batteries can only be shipped internationally by FedEx or USPS if the plane in which it is intended to be used is purchased on the same order. Shipping batteries Internationally without a plane is not permitted by any shipping carrier.

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