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Frequently Asked Questions

How to reduce VR sickness on walking?

Here are the VR motion sickness cures that actually work: Use a program called 'Natural Locomotion' This program is like a miracle to some people. ... Trick Your Ears into Thinking You're Moving If you're like me, you don't get motion sickness in cars, boats, planes or even rollercoasters, but VR makes you nauseous/dizzy. ... An effective VR sickness cure: Ginger?? ... More items...

Is VR gaming making you sick?

But remember that VR gaming can be physically tiring and it can even make you sick if you try to do too much too quickly. Some people have to adjust to VR over time because they suffer from motion sickness and can't handle sudden violent motion or the intensity that VR can present.

How to stop virtual reality sickness?

How to Prevent Virtual Reality Motion Sickness or Nausea Limit your time in virtual reality. Play five minutes at a time. Turn down the volume. By default, if your volume is up, it will be too loud. Clean the lenses regularly. ... Wear your glasses if you have them. ... Oculus can be calibrated with a small slider. ... Ginger ale, peppermint, and ginger have good effects. Play games that designed for sitting. More items...

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