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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to file a motion to compel?

Assuming it is state court, you must file your motion to compel within 60 days of the deposition record being completed. The rule applies to subpoenas for production of documents at a deposition and also to business records subpoenas. The objections or other responses to a business records subpoena are the...

What is the cost for filing a motion to compel?

Filing the motion to compel costs $60.00 and as part of the motion you can attach a declaration stating the costs and attorney fees incurred and request reimbursement in your motion. If you are representing yourself, you will not be able to ask for or get attorney fees.

Is a motion to compel appropriate or some other?

If mediation is required by the court's rules or policy, and the other side is not responding to suggested mediators or providing possible dates, a motion to compel mediation may also be appropriate . If the judge requires mediation and it does not happen by the trial date, the judge might: Waive mediation and start the trial.

What happens if there is a motion to compel and?

Motion to compel. A motion to compel asks the court to order either the opposing party or a third party to take some action. This sort of motion most commonly deals with discovery disputes, when a party who has propounded discovery to either the opposing party or a third party believes that the discovery responses are insufficient.

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