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Frequently Asked Questions

When can you file a motion to compel?

Unless waived by the judge or by stipulation of the parties in writing, last date for the hearing is 15 days before trial. Motion to compel must be filed within 45 days of service of the interrogatory responses, but if they were mailed, then you can add five days to that deadline.

How much notice should I get on motion to compel?

Notably, for a motion to compel further discovery responses, there is a strict 45-day deadline to serve notice of motion to compel further discovery responses; as well as a strict meet and confer requirement prior to filing of the motion. Relevance of verifications - Appleton v.

What does it mean to withdraw a motion to compel?

that whoever filed the Motion is no longer asking the court to compel anyone to do something. This is most commonly used when there is a discovery dispute and the person complied with the discovery request so there is no longer a need for the court to rule on it.

What is response time to motion to compel?

60 Days for Depositions - Motions to Compel deposition answers may be filed within 60 days of the completion of the deposition transcript. [CCP 2025.480 (b).] No Time Limit for No Response or Unverified Responses - An unverified response is no response at all, and there is no time limit to move to compel.

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