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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to compel a motion to compel?

A motion to compel is a request made to the court to force a party to a lawsuit or a person to comply with a request or to do something. By saying motion to “compel”, we are referring to the order from the court “forcing” or “ordering” someone to do something.

What is a motion to compel discovery?

Motion to Compel Discovery. Discovery is the process by which the parties to a legal action request and obtain information and evidence from the other parties. The Rules of Court of each jurisdiction are very specific as to how this information can be requested, and how the other party must respond – including a very tight timeline.

What happens if the opposition refuses to comply with a compel?

If the opposition continues to disregard the court order to compel, the requesting party may submit a second “motion to dismiss for failure to comply with the court’s order to provide discovery.”

What happens at a motion to compel hearing?

When a motion to compel is filed with the court, a hearing is scheduled. At the hearing, the party that filed the motion will need to tell the judge why the other party should be compelled to do something.

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