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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after a motion to compel is granted?

Once the court grants the motion to compel, the court will grant the other party a deadline before which the documents or information must be shared. If the person does not respect the order of the court, there may be severe consequences such as the dismissal of the other party’s case or being in contempt of court.

How do I file a motion for order compelling discovery?

To file a motion for order compelling discovery, you’ll usually need to prepare the following (depending on the local court’s rules): Motion: A request to the court to issue an order to compel discovery.

What is a “meet and confer” in a motion to compel?

Before a party resorts to filing a motion to compel, the court often expects the requesting side provides a “good faith effort” to obtain a response from the opposition. This effort, commonly referred to as a “meet and confer,” can be an in-person meeting, but may sometimes also take form in a written notice.

What are the events leading up to a motion to compel?

Here is a general sequence of events leading up to the filing of a motion to compel: The lawsuit officially begins when the Plaintiff initiates a civil action against the Defendant.

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