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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a motion to compel?

A motion to compel asks the court to enforce a request for information relevant to a case. Here is a general sequence of events leading up to the filing of a motion to compel:

What happens if a motion to compel is denied?

The judge will either deny the motion to compel, order the opposition to provide the discovery by a deadline, or will grant in part and deny in part the motion, and will only require some of the discovery to be provided. Other sanctions may also be applied, including payment of attorney’s fees or monetary fines.

How do I file a motion for order compelling discovery?

To file a motion for order compelling discovery, you’ll usually need to prepare the following (depending on the local court’s rules): Motion: A request to the court to issue an order to compel discovery.

What is a notice of hearing in a motion to compel?

Notice of hearing: A written notice provided to the opposing side informing that the motion to compel has been filed with the court, including the date and time of Motion day. After preparing the documentation, the originals are then submitted to the court. The opposing side will receive copies of the documents as well.

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