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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about a motion to compel?

Separate statement: All motions to compel further responses in California state court must include a separate statement in accordance with C.R.C., Rule 3.1345, stating the specific discovery request, the response given, the factual and legal reasons for compelling further responses, etc.

What happens if the opposition refuses to comply with a compel?

If the opposition continues to disregard the court order to compel, the requesting party may submit a second “motion to dismiss for failure to comply with the court’s order to provide discovery.”

What is a motion to compel discovery response?

What is a Motion to Compel Discovery Responses (CCP § 2030.300)? California Code of Civil Procedure requires a response from the party to whom requests for production are propounded within 30 days after service of the requests. (Code Civ. Proc., §§ 2030.260 (a), 2031.260 (a).)

When does the opposing party file a motion to compel?

Before the trial even begins, disputes can occur during the discovery process, however. If one party is uncooperative with a request for information, the opposing party may file a motion to compel. What does motion to compel mean and how does the process work?

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