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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to compel a motion to compel?

A motion to compel is a request made to the court to force a party to a lawsuit or a person to comply with a request or to do something. By saying motion to “compel”, we are referring to the order from the court “forcing” or “ordering” someone to do something.

When to file a motion to compel discovery or production?

There are different discovery categories and a motion to compel can be filed concerning any of such discovery categories. You can have a demand for: The production of documents is when you need the other party to produce tangible evidence such as recordings, documents and letters.

Can a party move to compel After completing discovery?

This Court properly provided the parties with sufficient time to complete discovery. However, that schedule does not, nor should it, allow time for any party to be dilatory in meeting its discovery obligations. Accordingly, plaintiff hereby moves to compel.

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