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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MotionPro and how does it work?

MotionPro is a free client for Android devices that provides an easy-to-use interface between your smart device and the Array AG Series SSL VPN in your corporate network. Through MotionPro, you can...

What is MotionPro plus for Mac?

MotionPro Plus for PC and Mac 1 MotionPro Plus is a free client for Apple devices that provides an easy-to-use interface between your Mac device and... 2 Through MotionPro Plus, you can access all your network resources, files and applications (if permitted by your IT... More ...

Which version of MotionPro works with Windows 10 v1803?

Clients and Tools NOTE: MotionPro version that works with Windows 10 v1803 released on April 30. AG-OS 9.4.0.x Clients

Is my connection secure with MotionPro?

Your connection is secure because MotionPro uses SSL – the same strong security used by Web browsers. Through MotionPro, you can stay connected with your company's network whenever and wherever the need arises. Loading… Support assigning DNS servers based on Netpool.

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