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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the latest version of MotionPro?

MOTIONPRO! Software Download Click Here to download the latest PC Version for the Free Download Trial or to get the latest version. Note: In Internet Explorer you will get a message that says "This file may harm your computer". This will happen with any .exe you download.

What is MotionPro?

What is MotionPro? MotionPro Software is made in America but is used and enjoyed throughout the world. We take all major credit cards, and our checkout is 100% secure.

What is included in the MotionPro camera&software bundle?

Instructional + HD Camera + Tripod + Capture Device + Cables This bundle gives you the Camera and software needed to use MotionPro! for video analysis. This can be used with your existing computer. $999.99 + S&H

Can I install MotionPro on more than one computer?

ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS MOTIONPRO! ADD-ON LICENSE Run MotionPro! on a second computer or third computer. You will receive a new registration ID and can install from your same CD or via download. PC Coach ADD-ON

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