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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a mountain bike be used on the road?

4 Answers. If you do not identify as a "cyclist", and yet ride a bike with any regularity, it is likely a basic mountain bike, and it is likely used primarily on the road and in the neighborhood, because there is the perception that mountain bikes are stronger, safer, more stable, more comfortable, and have better traction.

Can I use my mountain bike as a road bike?

Mountain Biking on Pavement – General Theory. The main goal is to make your mountain bike as much like a road bike as possible. That means you want very little rolling resistance, lots of stiffness, and good aerodynamics. But you have to do so without breaking the rules.

Can a hybrid bike be used for mountain biking?

These are usually basic units that will provide comfort for bumpy terrain but offer very limited use for off-road riding. The important thing to remember with a hybrid bike is that it's a Jack of all trades yet a master of none. A road bike will be faster, a mountain bike will be much better off-road.

What are the components of a mountain bike?

A frame consists of six basic parts: three tubes, two stays and one fork. The three tubes form the main triangle of your mountain bike’s frame, being the top, down and seat tubes. Together with the seat tube, the seat stay and chain stay make up the rear triangle of the frame.

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