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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find mountain bike trails near me? offers a wide variety of mountain bike trails, including ones built on forest roads through state or federal lands, upon old mining and logging lines, or along cliff-hanging routes that follow former tourist railways.

What is the best singletrack in Colorado?

Colorado Trail – This trail offers more than 500 miles of singletrack. Some popular sections accessible from Denver include Buffalo Creek and Kenosha Pass to Breckenridge. Dupont State Forest – East coast slickrock, amazing singletrack, and home to everyone’s favorite flow trail, Ridgeline.

What is considered a mountain bike trail?

Basically, any surface that isn't paved for most of its route will be noted as a mountain bike trail. Where the information is known, we include the level of trail difficulty, but in general most trails are not too strenuous.

Where are the best mountain bike trails in Utah?

The Desert Canyons trails in St. George, Utah was founded by a local home builder to give residents easy access to mountain bike trails at their doorstep. Rain or shine, we like to ride in trail pants. Relive the moment you met your first love, the bicycle.

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