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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer my ecobee thermostat account to another person?

Depending on which method you choose to transfer with, you will either have to remove the old user from the account, unregister the thermostat, or reset the registration process. While the Ecobee Thermostat is an incredible device for smart home integration, moving your Ecobee account to a new owner can prove challenging.

How does the ecobee schedule work?

The ecobee uses a more conventional schedule. You choose your desired times and temperatures for when you are home, away, and sleeping. Once the times and temperatures are set, they don’t change unless you change them. Setting up the schedule is not difficult and can be done from the thermostat, the mobile app, or the web console.

How do I unregister my ecobee device from the app?

Unregister Your Ecobee from the App 1 Sign in to your Ecobee app. 2 Select home. 3 Select your Ecobee. 4 Depending on which version of the app you have, you will either select Remove Device from Account or go to the Need help? ...

How do I add a new owner to my ecobee?

Before adding a new owner, you will have to remove your Ecobee from your account. You can do this in various ways: Sign in to your Ecobee app. Select home. Select your Ecobee.

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